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11 May 2021. Millbry Hill Stud EHV-1

A homebred 13 year old mare, who has not been off the premises for several years, delivered a still born foal two weeks premature.

The mare was immediately isolated and a post mortem was requested on the deceased foal.

Following the initial result confirming EHV-1 and in accordance with the veterinary code of practice and guidelines issued by the HBLB we immediately locked down the property.

We then began an extensive testing programme for every horse on site alongside the implementation of strict biosecurity procedures on all yards and informed all owners as to our intended way forward. We also contacted owners who have recently collected from the Stud and recommended that they have their horses tested. The results of these extensive tests have all come back as showing no evidence of viral activity and owners have been duly informed.

We will, of course, continue to follow the code of practice guidelines and will be testing again fourteen days after the initial test. In the meantime, the Stud remains closed to any further arrivals or departures and all Stallion services remain on hold.

To date no horses have shown any abnormal or clinical signs.

Since we closed our doors, we are pleased to inform that three of our mares have foaled successfully and now have healthy foals at foot.

Although this has impacted on our business as we have had to cancel mares that were due to visit for foaling and/or mating and also all semen collections and consignments, the welfare of the horses here at the Stud remain our top priority.

We would personally like to thank our owners for their understanding and also our great team of staff and vets who have worked tirelessly around the clock and shown true professionalism and diligence during this most difficult and uncertain time.

We would also like to thank those who have sent kind thoughtful messages and shown genuine concern during this worrying and unmerited situation we have found ourselves in.

EHV is a major concern to each and everyone of us, and our thoughts go out to those in similar situations.

Attached code of practice.

HBLB International Codes of Practice 202
Download • 1.00MB


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