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Willowcroft Regal Bronze

Willowcroft Regal Bronze

Urubula Regal Promise x Willowcroft Saphire

October 2002 – October 2022

After judging many shows throughout Australia, and often highly placing Willowcroft Regal Emblem (Regal Bronze’s full brother), Jerome took the opportunity to visit Willowcroft Stud.

Amongst a herd of around 20 colts and geldings, in a paddock spanning 150 acres, one horse in particular caught his eye. This colt turned out to be Willowcroft Regal Bronze (Skippy). A deal was done, and Skippy arrived in the UK in February 2004.

Skippy’s Journey:

Gunnedah – Sydney – Heathrow – Stanley Grange Stud

He arrived late one evening. When Jerome first wandered into the yard the following morning, his first thought was ‘what have we purchased?!’ Poor Skippy was absolutely shattered from his long journey. He didn’t open his eyes for two days, however after a couple of days, his real character, personality, and beauty certainly started to shine through.

One of the first things that really impressed so many visitors, was his flamboyant, light elastic movement, a wonderful feature that he very much passed onto the majority of his progeny.

Regal Bronze was lightly shown himself in youngstock classes, including being Champion Part Bred Welsh at the Royal Welsh Show. He was 25% Welsh, making all of his progeny eligible for over stamping. It was lovely to see just a few years later a daughter of his, Love Affair, going on to win the same accolade.

Regal Bronze was also ridden, and competed at HOYS as a Ridden Part Bred with Lucinda Elliot, and the pair also competed successfully at Novice Dressage.

Willowcroft Regal Bronze’s Winning Progeny:

DJP Royal Heir – HOYS 15hh Show Hunter Pony

Westerdale Regal Max – HOYS 152hh Show Riding Type

Bankswood Jacaranda – HOYS 14.2hh Show Pony

Moluccas Bengal Beauty – HOYS 14.22hh Show Pony

Time Square – Royal International Champion Riding Horse

Rotherwood Royal Flight – Royal International 13.2hh Show Pony

Double Mocha – Royal Highland Supreme Champion Hunter

Skippy was an absolute pleasure to have here at Stanley Grange, always having his ears pricked when you approached him. He enjoyed nothing more than showing himself off to visitors with his amazing extravagant trot - he knew he had it! He was the kindest, gentlest, and most polite pony to handle and a real true gentleman.

When walking around the paddocks, you can always pick out a Regal Bronze foal, as they just seem to lift off the ground, into the air and glide across the field.

It has been a great honour for the whole team having Skippy here and is already missed by everyone.

‘A dear friend from down under, that has left a legacy in the UK’

Millbry Hill Stud and Jerome Harforth

Willowcroft Regal Bronze and Sophie Staveley

Credit Sally Coles


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